Citadel Case Studies

Case Study

With Citadel, Strength By Numbers infrastructure was HIPAA and ISO 27001 compliance-ready in 2 days

In partnership with DNX Solutions and Propel, Citadel was deployed to Strength By Numbers AWS cloud, setting them up for compliance and preparing them for future endeavours.
Case Study

With Citadel, AssuranceLab achieved SOC 2, migrated, and launched a new platform

After Citadel deployed a secure and compliant AWS cloud infrastructure, AssuranceLab achieved the SOC 2 accreditation and migrate and launch their new platform, Pillar.
Case Study

With Citadel, the Australian startup Payble accelerated its path to CDR compliance

Payble’s business model relies heavily on open banking, making CDR accreditation a must-have to operate. With Citadel, they achieved it in just 4 weeks.