“By working with Citadel, Propel was able to quickly deliver a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure, compliance-ready for both HIPAA and ISO 27001, opening up the path for Strength By Numbers to transform their business and scale internationally."


Strength By Numbers is made up of health and fitness professionals passionate about improving their field through objective assessment data. After years of research, design and development, the innovative AxIT System was launched. Using hand-held dynamometers and portable force plates, AxIT collates patients’ strength performance data, providing practitioners with objective measurements for use in initial assessments, progress monitoring and visualisation with patients.

Propel Ventures prides itself on taking a strategic approach to product delivery designed for long term, scalable and commercially successful products. Propel has experienced teams of product strategists, designers, delivery leaders and engineers with depth of experience in determining product market fit, validating development progress with user testing and feedback, supporting ongoing growth and delivering outcomes for their partners.

DNX Solutions is a cloud-native consulting company and Advanced Partner in the AWS Partner Network. Their mission to democratise cloud access sees them building customer-centric, cost-effective solutions for clients of all sizes with scalability and modernisation in mind. DNX Solutions is a Citadel delivery partner with proven success incorporating Citadel’s secure and compliance-ready infrastructure into their solutions.

The Challenge

With an abundance of analysable test data collected by the AxIT System at their fingertips, Strength By Numbers saw the opportunity to unlock the power of metadata and provide fact-based insights and recommendations to health & fitness professionals. Not only would this be transformative for SBN’s business, but it would allow practitioners such as physiotherapists to develop better-informed treatment plans for their patients. Furthermore, by having access to this rich data source via the cloud, practitioners could enjoy the convenience of completing administrative work wherever and whenever they desired.

SBN sought out the assistance of Propel to develop their cloud offering and identified three primary needs. The solution needed to have a quick time-to-market ensuring SBN met their goal to scale as soon as possible; it needed to be user-friendly, easily managed, flexible and future-proofed, and; it needed to guarantee that data would be kept secure in line with Australian and overseas standards, specifically ISO 27001 and HIPAA. In order to allow Propel’s experienced engineers and product managers more time to create product features for SBN, they engaged a Citadel delivery partner, DNX Solutions, to provide guidance on the compliance requirements of the project.

The Solution

SBN required a solution that would meet medical data compliance regulations and be scalable both within and outside of Australia. As an experienced delivery partner, DNX Solutions was well-aware of Citadel’s capabilities and proposed utilising Citadel’s secure infrastructure for the SBN cloud offering. The teams worked together to onboard SBN to Citadel and build the security and governance layer in just two days! Once Citadel was linked directly to SBN’s AWS Management Account, secure ‘Log Archive’ and ‘Audit’ accounts were created, in line with the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Citadel then deployed infrastructure into the newly created accounts to provide a security and governance layer for features and services like GuardDuty, API Gateway, Fargate, RDS and Metabase.

Through use of the smart automation platform and co-management by Citadel and SBN, the AWS infrastructure will automatically stay up to date, providing the future-proofing SBN requested at the project initiation.

The Outcome

The Citadel setup was complete and ready to go in less than two days, giving Propel’s team the freedom to complete the next steps in the project, such as building the database, services, and front-end. They were then able to get a head start on developing new innovative features for the platform. Having Citadel deployed so quickly saved Propel weeks that would have been otherwise spent on building infrastructure and researching regulations and standards, in order to ensure they satisfied Strength By Numbers  business needs.

By working with an experienced Citadel delivery partner, Propel was able to quickly deliver a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure, compliance-ready for both HIPAA and ISO 27001, opening up the path for Strength By Numbers to transform their business and scale internationally.