What's New

Linked Mode offers a non-invasive approach to connecting your existing environments with our product, allowing you to benefit from a selection of our powerful features without impacting your established infrastructure. This mode is perfect for customers looking to enhance their existing setup without making significant changes or those with complex environments. Gain valuable insights into cost and security posture, and even create isolated sandbox environments for testing and exploration, all while preserving the integrity of your current configurations.

How it Works?

Starting from the organization view, Citadel brings AWS accounts that are not managed.

Organization Status

Clicking on Link Account, you are able to connect Citadel to that account without creating a full environment. Citadel only deploys the IAM roles necessary to operate the account and enables the Well-Architected Framework controls to fetch more info about the account.

New Linked Account

Once linked, the compliance score is prepared and some features are available, like creating Secrets (based on AWS Secrets Manager) or Service Roles (OIDC-based IAM roles to use on CI tools).

Linked Account

Issues can be visualised on the default framework and others can be enabled later, such as SOC2 or PCI-DSS.

Issues found

For those already enjoying the benefits of Citadel, the this feature is now available and ready to use. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to our support team. We’re looking forward to helping you streamline your compliance reporting processes, saving you from the hassle and the headaches that come hand-in-hand with manual report generation.

If you need to meet compliance and want the process to be simple, secure and stress-free, Citadel is for you. Find out more about Citadel and our newest release: request a demo today.