What's New

Introducing our latest feature, Environment Secrets!

With Environment Secrets, users can effortlessly update variables for their apps while maintaining the highest level of security. You can choose between plaintext and secure variables to add with Citadel and integrate directly with your apps.

Eliminate using less-secure practices of passing variables, such as hardcoding within your codebase or relying on unencrypted sources like filesystems or S3 buckets. Our feature establishes a standardised approach for managing secrets, eliminating the risks associated with legacy methods.

From the moment you save a secret in Citadel, our encryption protocols kick in, ensuring the confidentiality of your data. Each secret is securely stored by AWS Secrets Manager, guaranteeing end-to-end encryption within the AWS environment.

Once saved, even Citadel can't decrypt secure secrets, solidifying the protection of your sensitive information.

Environment Secrets by Citadel